VW RNS 510


The abbreviation VW RNS 510 stands for the radio and navigation system 510 from Volkswagen. It was one of Volkswagen’s best navigation devices between 2010 and 2012 and was replaced by the Discover Media and Discover Pro navigation devices in 2012 after the launch of the then new Golf 7. The RNS 510 was installed in the Multivan, Caravelle, California and Transporter models from 2010 to 2015.

General overview of the VW Navi

The RNS 510 is a 16.5 (6.5 inch) cm and resistive touchscreen, which means it lists commands on pressure. The resolution of the screen is 640×480 pixels. As standard, the RNS 510 has a CD player with MP3 function and a DVD player, which can only play movies in DVD format. In addition, an SD card slot and a 30 GB hard drive are built in. On this, for example, music can be stored. A strong plus of the RNS 510 is the standard voice control, which allows many functions to be selected.

Device Functions

The DVD player in the VW navigation system can play all movies in DVD format and display them on the screen. However, for passengers and persons sitting in the back seat, watching movies while driving is not possible. For safety reasons, the display turns black when driving and only the sound of the film can be heard.

The RNS 510 also has a traffic sign display and a traffic sign recognition for vehicles with a multifunction camera. In addition, the RNS 510 offers picture navigation as well as an import for travel guide data and poI personnel.

The reception area of the radio has FM and MW.

The RNS 510 also has numerous interfaces. Here, rear-view camera, multifunction steering wheel, multifunction display, CD changer or an AUX input can be optionally installed.

The RNS 510 does not have standard Bluetooth. This can only be purchased when purchasing a new car by co-ordering the mobile phone preparation Plus or Premium.


For older models from Volkswagen it is possible to make updates to the latest firmware. The advantages of such an update are definitely that the RNS 510 runs more stable and smoother and a few new functions are added. This includes, for example, the addition of the Climatronic display. A small disadvantage, however, is that these updates are not completely risk-free and the device encounters errors during the update. Most of the time, however, you can still return to the old version.

In addition, you can modify the existing firmware. This modified firmware is unofficial, but can be found on the Internet. This firmware allows TV reception, watching movies while driving, and support for SD cards larger than 32GB.

An update of the maps is also possible. However, these updates can only be done with an original DVD from Volkswagen. Disadvantage of this DVD is clearly the price, which at 179 euros is not exactly cheap. The DVD is available from any VW dealer and in the online shop. This allows every VW Navi to be kept up to date.