VW RNS 315 – Small but fine


General information
The radio and navigation device VW RNS 315 is the successor of the RNS 310. The device can be operated accurately and optimally on a 5-inch touchscreen. The map of the VW navigation system is shown in 2.5D and provides a very good picture.
The clear advantage of the RNS 315 is the price, which is 1200 euros cheaper than the larger version RNS 510. At EUR 1300, it is not cheap, but it is more affordable than other systems.

Device Functions
The VW RNS 315 has numerous functions that significantly increase driving comfort. Thus, the system has 360° view. Navigation is followed by SD card. In addition, it offers a traffic sign display and can be operated via a voice control. This function is an advantage while driving, as this allows the driver to concentrate on the road and does not have to make inputs on the touchscreen.

The VW Radio has an output power of 4×20 watts. The reception area of the radio is with the classic FM and MW. In addition, the system offers a great function, the speed-dependent volume control (GALA), which automatically controls the volume. Furthermore, the RNS 315 offers a CD drive in the entertainment area in which the formats MP3 and WMA can be played. Music can also be played via an AUX port.

The system offers numerous interfaces for standard but also optional functions. For example, an interface for the optional multifunction steering wheel or the optional rear-view camera or the optional Optical Parking System (OPS). In addition, a CD changer can be installed and the system provides an overview of the Climatronic.

The VW Navi has map material western Europe. The card data is stored in the flash memory of the device. The map representation is in 2.5D and very well recognizable. The map material is easy to update through the SD card interface. The SD card with new cards is available from every VW dealer and in the VW shop. The price is 179 euros. Updating in the vehicle can take up to 2hours. Caution should be exercised with SD cards distributed on the Internet on ebay, because the SD card is only applicable once, i.e. used cards no longer work in your vehicle. As a tip when playing the SD card, the following helps. Lock the car and turn on only the navigation device and plug in the SD card. During the update, they can lock their car again while the update continues.

The firmware update is not freely available and can only be done through the Volkswagen partner. However, this is only possible in the event of an error in the system.

In addition, the RNS 315 can have Bluetooth optional. To do this, it must be unlocked by the trader. The disadvantage of this extension is the price, which is between EUR 200 and EUR 300. Tip at this point: Inquire about a Bluetooth receiver that works via the Aux connector.