VW Discover Pro


This infotainment system from Volkswagen deserves the surname Pro! It is equipped with almost everything VW offers in its infotainment systems. First of all, the 9.2″ measuring touchscreen should be mentioned. This is both larger than the Composition or Discover Media and also sharper, due to the higher resolution of 1280 x 640 pixels and the resulting pixel density of about 156 ppi. Due to the dark UI of the infotainment system and the frame in piano lacquer optics, the Discover Pro looks very modern and elegant and fits perfectly into the fitting. The buttons on the left side of the screen are designed as touch panels and therefore have no pressure point like conventional mechanical buttons. This allows them to be operated as well as the screen itself – with a slight touch without applying any pressure. The Discover Pro also offers innovative gesture control as an alternative input method.

Navigation can also be conveniently operated via voice control. Routes can be calculated by using the “One-Shot Destination” function quite simply by simply talking about the city and the road by the driver. The dynamic TMC function captures the current situation of the road and, if necessary, reproduces it on the screen.

The built-in memory is 32GB and comes on an SSD. Unlike traditional HDDs, these memory carriers are noticeably faster. Expanding this memory is possible with commercially available SD cards.

To use the Wi-Fi hotspot, VW optinal offers the business telephony package. The Wi-Fi hotspot can significantly increase travel entertainment, especially on long distances with multiple occupants.

If you want to listen to your own music, you can also do this directly via your smartphone. The infotainment system offers several possibilities for this purpose. First, there is an AUX connector in the vehicle, which allows a direct connection of any smartphone, or even of another audio set, with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The advantage is that this is done analogously and simply via plug&play, but the big disadvantage is that in order to operate the music, the smartphone must necessarily be taken in hand. It is easier via the Bluetooth interface. Here, all supported smartphones and mobile phones can be paired via Bluetooth to stream the music. The music pieces can be easily changed out of the vehicle without taking the device into your hand. The most ideal solution, however, is the AppConnect package including CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. These three systems mirror selected content from compatible smartphones in the familiar design on the vehicle touchscreen. This allows the functions of the smartphone to be operated without taking it into your hands. For more details, our article on THE VW Composition Media is recommended.