VW Discover Media – A product review


App-Connect (Carplay, Android Auto) , 6.5 inch coloured touchscreen, WLAN Hotspot and DAB+ are the main features of Discover Media from Volkswagen.

We took a closer look at the infotainment system.
The first thing to notice, of course, is the large display with touchscreen. With a high screen resolution of 800 x 400, every control element can be operated excellently. Different brightness modes and the day and night mode provide a pleasant ambience.

In navigation mode, you have the choice between a 2D and 2.5D view. Traffic sign recognition is a special feature of Discover Media. The dynamic TMC function (shows changes in road traffic to e.g. traffic congestion) and POI must of course not be missing.

App-Connect offers the possibility to connect your own smartphone to the infotainment of the vehicle. The latest interfaces such as Apple CarPlay (for iPhone), Android Auto (for Android devices) and most recently MirrorLink (also for Android devices) are supported.
This connection allows you to control shared smartphone apps directly from the vehicle. Whatsapp, Spotify, Apple Music and Google Maps some examples of many.

For longer trips, the Wi-Fi hotspot function is very useful. There are several ways for passengers to create a hotspot. You can connect your own smartphone to Discover Media and then share your Internet access, you can connect an internet stick to discover media, if your vehicle has a SIM card as standard, you can use it and many others Ways.

Of course, Discover Media also has the classic connection options such as CD and DVD drive, SD card slot, AUX IN and USB port.

To illustrate the functions, we have created a video, which you can watch on Youtube or directly here on our site.