VW Composition Media – The Great in its Class


FM radio, MP3 via CD, aux, USB and SD card and Apple CarPlay on one 8″ (20.3 cm) large touchscreen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels – Media Consumption at its best. Volkswagen’s Composition Media Infotainment system is very versatile. Introduced in 2012, it is now being run as a 2017 variant. The touchscreen works capacitively, i.e. a gentle touch is sufficient, similar to most smartphones of today. The Composition Media also has a Bluetooth interface regarding the smartphone. This allows you to conveniently connect your own phone to the vehicle for convenient phone calls via the car’s car speakers – without having to operate the phone yourself. The integrated USB interface can also be used to charge the battery in parallel. All in all, The Composition Media is a loyal companion in our own Volkswagen. If you also want to be navigated, the Infotainment System Discover Media is at the right address.

Compared to the previous model, VW offers a new user interface in the 2017 version. This looks very modern and tidy due to the minimalist design. The dark colours in the menus make this easier to read and should be particularly eye-friendly at night.

Furthermore, the surface of the Compostion Media is now flat with the rest of the aperture, resulting in a flat and also modern design. The shortcuts on the right and left sides have become touch-sensitive in the 2017 version and are therefore no longer conventional keys with a mechanical pressure point. Due to the fact that the keys are held in piano lacquer optics, as well as the aperture, the whole module now appears perfectly integrated into the vehicle.

With the integrated Bluetooth interface, the mobile phone can be paired with the vehicle to make phone calls and stream music via the vehicle’s own speakers. However, the operation of this cannot be fully implemented by the car.

The optionally available App-Connect, on the other hand, brings CarPlay into the vehicle. This allows the operation of selected contents of the smartphone directly on the infotainment touchscreen without having to take the smartphone in your hand. The interface corresponds to that of the smartphone. Connecting is very easy and requires only the connection of the device via USB to the vehicle, the detection and activation are done automatically – plug & play. In addition to telephony functions, incoming short messages can be read aloud and answered as text by voice input.

Another significant bonus of App-Connect is the lack of navigation ability of The Composition Media via other navigation services via CarPlay to compensate. Here, too, the card can be operated via the touchscreen.

In addition, the infotainment system can also be extended via CarPlay with the possibility of different providers of digital radio reception. Of course, your own music on your smartphone is also available in full.

Podcast fans are happy that their audiobooks can be played in the vehicle via the usual app and that the progress in the app is also saved – so always listen to where you left off.

Another interface of the App Connect function is Android Auto. The connection of the smartphones works like with CarPlay. With Android Auto, Google voice control can also be used. This feature also brings selected apps to the on-board touchscreen.

MirrorLink is suitable for smartphones with Android system, which are not supported by Android Auto.