Testing Carplay / App-Connect on VW


Carplay presentation for VW Radios & Navis

  • “Vienna Street”
  • Did you mean Werner Street?
  • “No Vienna Street”
  • Werner is called.

This or similar conversations have probably been experienced by everyone with their pre-installed voice assistant. Roads are not recognized. The existing voice assistant takes a long time to respond and if something is understood, the assistant simply breaks off in the middle of the sentence.

With Carplay, Apple has created a way to integrate its own voice assistant Siri into the vehicle. Not only that. You can also run different apps with Carplay. Send a message via Whatsapp or iMessage, listen to your favorite songs via Spotify or Apple Music, or navigate the streets through Apple Maps or Google Maps.

Silicon Valley meets Wolfsburg.

In the past, you had to manually update the navigation data for hours with CDs or memory cards almost every year. With Carplay from Apple, you have the opportunity to
The most well-known option is Apple’s Maps app. Here you have the possibility to navigate through roads via 2D view. The biggest alternative is from the house Alphabet. The App Google Maps offers the same features complemented with a visually appealing 3D satellite view. Other vendors such as Tomtom and Wave are currently preparing their own apps. The big advantage in contrast to the pre-installed Navi is the topicality of the roads and live traffic information. For the latter, you have to pay several dozen euros per year at different manufacturers. The disadvantage is that an active Internet connection is required. In times when the Internet is regarded as new territory, one cannot of course always expect a good mobile network connection on German motorways. Since the apps preload the map content, this shouldn’t be a problem either.

Carplay collects further plus points by supporting music apps such as Apple Music, Spotify or Pandora. Of course, it was already possible to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth before. So far, however, the operation has only allowed one song to switch before or back and to change the volume. Selecting playlists was only possible by having to take the smartphone back into your hand. Of course, this is now gone, as you can select your favorite playlists or digital radio stations directly on the screen.

More apps will be supported in the future. We are looking forward to what renewals await us.

Below is a Youtube video of us, where the whole thing is illustrated again.